l. The purpose of this rider and the intent of the Artist is to provide good communication between the Artist and the Presenter, and to clearly outline what the Artist feels is important for a successful and smooth running event. 

The Artist fully desires to work with the Presenter in all aspects of the event and purposes that this Rider will act to enhance and support a clear line of communication.  Please feel free to call or email Artist contacts at any time if there is doubt or question. 

Please direct all questions as follows:

Tech Rider – technical@singtenore.com

Hospitality – hospitality@singtenore.com

Contract – contact@singtenore.com

Merchandise – merchandise@singtenore.com

Music scores – music@singtenore.com

Or feel free to call our office at 250-592-0147. 


2. Purchaser will provide a clean area backstage, separate from the dressing room where Artist may greet media, family or friends. 

3. Media allowed backstage with the express written permission of Artist 

4. Photographs and video allowed backstage with the express written permission of Artist 

5. Please provide contact name, email and cell phone number of venue backstage rep


6. Venue rep to be on site at Artist’s arrival to greet and provide directions to Green room and dressing rooms. If no rep can be available, please provide clear written instructions by email with locations of Green and dressing rooms no less than 2 weeks before arrival. 

7. Venue to provide all meals from Artists arrival for sound check until show time. Sometimes, however, Artists will not require meals, in which case there will be written notice, no less than 1 week before the show. For special exceptions, please write to: hospitality@singtenore.com

8. For group arrival, please provide in the dressing/green room:

a) 12 bottles of warm spring water 

b) 1 plate of healthy snacks such as fruit/veg plate with light dips or vegetable spring rolls or hummus and pita. 

c) 1 bag of Lays regular potato chips 

d) A hot tea station with a selection of herbal teas, a kettle, 5 mugs (no Styrofoam or plastic cups please), lemon slices, honey and water (if no sink in the room).

9. If group arrives at lunch, or will be in the facility over lunch hour, please provide:

a) sandwiches – a selection of vegetarian (egg, tuna) and meat


b) a healthy salad with protein (chicken, tuna, eggs, etc) and healthy dressing (no Kraft please). 

10. Please provide the following for dinner:

a) 2 vegetarian dinners with a starch and vegetable

b) 2 carnivorous dinners with hearty protein (beef, chicken) and a starch and vegetable

11. Some dark chocolate and a fruit plate for after dinner and during the concert. 

12. An iron and an ironing board. 

13. If venue is equipped with a shower, please provide 4 bath towels and 4 hand towels. If venue is not equipped with a shower, please provide 4 hand towels. 

14. One bottle of good quality red wine and 1 bottle of good quality white wine. 


Rider for Tenore Piano/Track Show *PAGE 1 of 3*

Please note that ***ANY AND ALL SUBSTITUTIONS MUST BE APPROVED*** by writing to: technical@singtenore.com

Here’s What We’ll Need From You:

  • 3 music stands (to be available if needed)
  • 3 straight mic stands, all the same (without booms)
  • 3 stools (all the same)
  • 4 water glasses (not bottles and not plastic) for stage
  • 2 small tables on stage (for putting water glasses on) like coffee tables
  • A glass jug of water on table for concert
  • 3 high quality vocal hand held wireless mics for tenors. (Shure sm58 or beta 87, Neumann 105, Sennheiser 935/545, AKG C5 – if none of these are available contact us to discuss)
  • 3 wedge floor (or in-ear) monitors for tenors 
  • 1 wedge floor (or in-ear) monitor for accompanist (if applicable)
  • 2 high end condenser mics for piano (only if using and please contact us 
  • to discuss if some other micing system is in place for the piano)
  • Mixes:  Ideally four monitor mixes (one for each tenor, one for pianist) if four are not available, two will suffice if pianist included or (one for Tenors, )
  • Grand piano tuned to A440 day of show, (if applicable) prior to s/c rehearsal (please contact if piano cannot be tuned day of show)
  • Stereo input for laptop computer for tracks, including stereo mini-jack to 1⁄4 inch stereo cable, and stereo DI box (or two mono DI boxes) 
  • (optional to have accompaniment tracks be run from a laptop by the pianist if performing with a pianist or by sound person in booth)
  • Media computer/DVD player if applicable, (WITH operator) to run DVD’s and powerpoint presentation for lyrical and video display (we’ll need audio out from the computer to the board for two accompaniment/DVD tracks), screen and projector (if applicable)
  • Reverb unit for PA and monitor use (large hall setting preferred)
  • Stage lighting by theatre technician. We travel with no light show or rider and ask that you use your lighting manpower to creatively show us in the best light. Thank you. 

Rider for Tenore Piano/Track Show *PAGE 2 of 3*

In the event of a Choir, the following will be needed. Sound technician will be informed if a choir is present, and of the size.

  • 5 choir risers (unless a choir structure is already in place). There may the possibility of fewer than 5 risers needed, but unless this is specifically put in writing, assume five risers will be needed.
  • 5 high end choir mics
  • 4 monitors for choir (These last two items may not be needed depending on venue style – if they are not needed, written notice will be given to tech crew) In the event of a Guest Artist, the following will be needed. Sound technicians will be informed if a guest artist is present, and the nature of their sound needs if different than listed here:
  • 1 additional monitor
  • 1 additional wireless microphone (type as listed in first section)
  • 1 additional mic stand
  • 1 additional water glass
  • 1 additional music stand available

Sound check times:

  • Tenore will arrive approximately 15 minutes before scheduled sound check time
  • Sound check time will always be three hours before schedule time of show (for example, if the show is scheduled for 7:30, sound check will be at 4:30) ***UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED***
  • General stage set up should be COMPLETE prior to sound check time unless otherwise discussed (in other words, only minor stage changes and sound checking should be taking place once the group arrives).

See next page for stage setup. 

Rider for Tenore Piano/Track Show *PAGE 3 of 3*